Floor Prints

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Floor Print ®

A print on your floor.

Floor Print offers unprecedented opportunities to personalize new or existing flooring. Gives a personal touch and unique look to each floor: provides pavement of a logo changes ... a concrete floor in a bright green lawn ... or laminate turns into a sunny beach.

How does it work?

The digital file of your design, picture or illustration is printed on specially developed transfer film. It is made use of pigmented water and UV resistant inks print resolution of 720 DPI.

Before printing on the floor can be made, they must be primed or leveled. After curing, the transfer film to the print on the floor it will be Bonding with a 2K PU adhesive.

The print work is then cut with a polyurethane protective coat; this layer, like the ink, is water resistant and UV resistant. Then, the whole is provided with a wear-resistant matte coating or a glass-clear PU / epoxy molded layer.

May optionally be fitted with an anti-slip coating.



Floor Print is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. For loose tiles or existing floors. A creative and innovative solution of flooring for your individual needs.


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