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Wallprint ®

A print directly to the wall.

The digital printing technique "Wall Print" looks like wallpaper, but certainly it is not.

Wall Print is a new technology to a wall or ceiling is equipped with a digital mural directly onto the substrate. So no restrictions on attachment or suspension systems.

How does it work?

Just as in wallpaper, a lime surface, but also a texed glass fleece - surfaces, first provided with a water-based primer.

Thereupon reversed the transfer layer, a thin film on which the image is printed, turned on. Which foil is situated again on a support of a nonwoven web, this carrier is, after complete drying, re-wetted and then removed. What remains is a digital print "mural".

The surface of the substrate, stucco or glass web is maintained, and these are protected by a a gloss or matt coating.


Wallprint can complete walls or ceilings with your own design, picture or illustration. It saves time and money compared to traditional wall paintings.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Offers endless creative uses.

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